FUTUREfacing — EN

Finishes and coatings are an essential part in the design and production of furniture. They eventually determine both its aesthetics and technical characteristics as well as its functional features. They also require to comply with legislative conditions related to health, safety at work and the environment.

The traditional polyurethane varnishes – water, polyester, nitrocellulose, fireproof varnishes, etc – have evolved with the incorporation of nanotechnology, UV drying, antibacterial properties, etc. Similarly, there has been a substancial evolution in coatings, paints and natural finishes such as waxes and oils.

The Erasmus + FUTUREfacing project stems from the need to transfer this technological development of the companies which produce finishes and coatings to the classroom. The goal is to facilitate learning and promote innovation in the final product.

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