We boost top research talent

Oportunius is a Xunta de Galicia program aimed at boosting top research talent in Galicia by opening up new opportunities to create, retain, and attract outstanding researchers who are interested in pursuing their professional activity in this region.

Oportunius is directed at researchers who have obtained an European Research Council [ERC] grant, became finalists in the evaluation process, or those with a high potential scientific record willing to apply to an ERC call and pursue their scientific career in Galicia.

What are ERC grants?

The ERC grants have been awarded since 2007 by the European Research Council [ERC]. The purpose of the grants is the long-term financing of projects developed by top researchers and their teams so that they can carry out high-risk groundbreaking research with high profit possibilities. Today the ERC grants make part of the Excellent Science pillar of the EU’s R&D&I program Horizon 2020.

Since 2007 over 300 researchers in Spain have obtained an ERC grant; 12 of them in Galicia [5th region in Spain]. Through Oportunius Galicia aims at achieving a better position in Spain and Europe and becoming an attractive destination for excellent science. The program expects to attract and boost research talent and position Galician R&D&I at the international forefront, thus contributing to the challenges set forth in the Smart Specialisation Strategies [RIS3] and in the Galician Industrial Competitiveness Agenda – Industry 4.0.

The 3 pillars of Oportunius

Different itinerary for each type of researcher, same goal in mind: Excelent science in Galicia.

What does Oportunius offer?

The Xunta de Galicia, through the Galician Innovation Agency will invest 5 million Euros in the program until 2020, providing the best conditions so the researchers can pursue their careers in Galicia by means of different lines of funding:

  • ERC Finalists
    • Financial support for the research. Provision of resources under an agreement with the Galician host institutions to support research activities of finalists of an ERC call.
  • ERC Applicants
    • Training and consultancy. For those researchers wishing to submit a proposal for an ERC call and that can prove their research potential and talent.